Friday, January 21, 2011


Time and again, Veera Somkwankit has come back with fanfare on the stage of Cambodia-Thai relations. This time as before, the actions of Mr. Somkwankit and associates always aim at poisoning Cambodia-Thai relations which are already in a mood of optimism. For instance, it was reported that the visitors’ arrival from both sides rose dramatically. Khmers and Thais alike are so relieved to see their country being returned to full normalization: “as of 10: 30 am on December 1st, 2010, when the troop has been readjusted from the Keo Sekhakirisvarak pagoda, I declare full normalization has been achieved” declared Samdech Techo HUN SEN at the closing of the 2010 annual review of the Ministry of Rural Development on 29 December 2010, the day when Mr.Somkwamkit and his six other nationals were arrested deep inside the territory of Cambodia.

According to their video clips, Mr. Somkwamkit with his bad intention towards Cambodia, had persuaded his companions to enter deep inside Cambodia until they got arrested: “let’s go, if we go there, we will get arrested for sure ” , said Mr. Somkwankit.

Obviously, this attitude of those “ladies and gentlemen” is seen as unusual with the commonly accepted norms and practices in international relations. The point to stress is that they are not ordinary people living next to the border that used to crisscross it for their daily life business or to look for their cows, but they are politicians or political activists from Bangkok.

From this point of views, this grotesque arrogant attitude was perceived in Cambodia as a showcase of their self-image of superiority vis-à-vis Cambodia. Did they intend to play the role of big brother towards Cambodia?

On top of that, Mr. Somkwamkit’s associates at the Thai Patriots Network( TPN) ranted out brashly that the seven Thai nationals were arrested in Thai soil, that Cambodia must release them immediately and unconditionally if not, it would affect the two countries relationship. They went on to insult Cambodia as hell .During their protest next to the border, one of their banners read: “Hell Cambodia”.
Undoubtedly, their self-righteousness is not on the basis of objective reality but is rooted in the realm of imagery and illusion. For them, they want to see what they wish to see and do everything to conveniently adapt and fit their misperception towards Cambodia and to achieve their ultimate goal to reconquer the so-called “Thailand’s Lost Territories” which is often used as a powerful tool in Thai politics.

That is to say that Mr. Somkwankit is typically and perfectly a representative of the kind. His illusion to have frontier in accordance with his dream makes him strong enough to run down the almost 800 Km along Cambodia-Thai border from Preah Vihear to the sea. Once before, he has threatened to uproot boundary pole Number 22 at Ta Muan Toch ruins. This time, he wants to see the pole Number 46 to be reinstalled further inside Cambodia.

Facing this dangerous provocation from Mr. Somkwamkit and associates, we hope that Thai Leadership and the majority of their people are working to stem the rise of those old cliché – ridden ultra-nationalists whose prejudices, misperception and illusion prevent them from objective reality and become a seedbed for hostilities with their neighbors, especially Cambodia.
As close neighbor, the relations of our two countries, as old saying goes, are as close as teeth and tongue; there are many inter-related fields to be cooperated and achieved and many problems to be solved. We have to commit ourselves for peace, stability, share security and prosperity in this global era. With this connection, we witness with great sympathy with the majority of Thai people, especially with those who live next to the border, for their bravely demonstrations to challenge the unwanted and disastrous actions of Mr. Somkwankit and associates. Ordinary people living next to the border on both sides must not be victimized by Mr. Somkwamkit’s illusion.

Given the hostilities rooted in fundamental issues of national identity, a strong leadership will always be needed to break the current impasse of the history. For Cambodia, we are fortunate and proud to have the strong leadership and pragmatism of Samdech Techo HUN SEN who has many times reiterated his willingness to transform the border area for a lasting peace, stability, cooperation and development.

We highly hope that at the end, reality will replace illusion and misperception in our relations; the moment when Mr. Somkwamkit will realize the strange irony of his fate. But from now on, he must follow the law of karma that needs to be fulfilled: on 18 January 2011, the court in Phnom Penh rejected his appeal to be released on bail.

Bajo ! Don Veera S. Quijote !
Viva ! Los relaciones de cooperaciones entre los pueblos del Reino de Cambodia y del Reino de Tailandia !

21 January.2011
Sandra Rodriguez
Phnom Penh

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