Wednesday, December 15, 2010

US NGO Helps Building Houses for the People in Phnom Penh

The budget of 25,000 USD, the 3rd phase donation for the Project of 25-houses construction, has been given to Urban Poor Development Fund (UPDF) by the representative of the People for Care and Learning on December 13, 2010 at Phnom Penh Capital Hall under chairmanship of Mr. NUON Someth, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh and H.E MANN Chheourn, Deputy Director of National Committee for People and Development and the Chairman of UPDF. 
The 1st and 2nd phase of the Project has constructed 50 houses for people in Andoung Community, Sangkat Kork Rorka, Khan Dangkor and has already been transferred to 50 households relocated from Sambok Chab Community of Khan Chamkarmon, H.E MANN Chheourn mentioned. Remarkably, the People for Care and Learning, having its Head Quarter in the United States, promised to build 100 houses for the budget of100,000 USD divided into 4 phases, 25,000 USD per phase which this NGO donated to Phnom Penh Capital Hall via UPDF. 
Finally, Mr. NUON Someth, in the name of the people in all communities, expressed profound gratitude to the People for Care and Learning who always pays very much attention to the poor in Phnom Penh; this will be memorized by the people in Phum Andoung.

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