Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is the catch?

BREAKING NEWS >> Wednesday October 29, 2008 03:43
Parliament approves Cambodia border talks 
Lawmakers at the joint parliamentary session last night gave negotiators authority to hold talks with Cambodia to demarcate the land boundary in the disputed area between the two countries. 
The endorsement is needed under the constitution ahead of the proposed talks of the Joint Boundary Commission (JBC) with Cambodia on Nov 10. 
Any agreement emerging from the JBC's negotiations also needs parliamentary approval.

What is the catch?
By Pancha Seila

Reading news in Bangkokpost.com brought me to my years of high school when I read “Le Prince” by Macchiavelli. I wondered why Thais kept coming back again and again and hit Cambodians with tricks and deception.

They were shouting out loud to the world so that the world can hear them very well that Thai joint parliamentary session though after verbal brawl “gave negotiators authority to hold talks with Cambodia”, but “any agreement emerging from the JBC’s negotiations also needs parliamentary approval”, meaning that Cambodian and Thai negotiators can stamp their approval at the negotiation table, but Thai “constitutional democratic processes” allow Thai parliament to agree or not to agree.

The international public opinion must be SURPRISED at the naked reality of Thais’ arrogance with respect to Cambodians. It shows that Thai politicians are fond of Machiavelli. They are militarists because they are fond of the Nazis and the fascists who gave them the inspiration of DRAWING UNILATERAL MAP; they are militarists because the institution of the Thai armed forces is independent of the elected government. Whether it is a civilian or military government the institution of the armed forces can do things they wanted, for example make a coup d’etat and take the rein of the government or send troops to invade and occupy Cambodian territory.

Thailand can get away for so long with the “silky smiles” of the powerful Thai advertising program, but the past couple of years of Thai “bludgeoning, rather infantile” democracy” while Thailand enjoys peace and prosperity for many centuries past, have brought to light the NAKED REALITIES of Thailand behind those silky smiles. Thailand used cheap legal technicalities to show its ARROGANCE: TO SUBMIT CAMBODIA UNDER THAI “INSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES”.

The world can see that.

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