Sunday, November 16, 2008

Appeal of the People of Cambodia to the World:

Thailand has Long Built itself into a
Dangerous Militarist Regime

We, the People of Cambodia, aspire to live in peace and in good neighborliness within our national boundary line, desire to establish friendly and mutually respected relations with our neighbors within the spirit of regional integration and harmonization, wish to cooperate on equal footing for steady economic growth and development with all the people of the world, cherish the unimaginably immense values of our national culture and rich heritage, participate in global and international outreach for security, safety and well-being of all the people of the world.

We felt strongly that we are compelled to launch this urgent, sad and desperate appeal for help and ask for your fairness, understanding, wisdom and zeal to exert the firmest and the strongest pressure on the government and the military forces of the Kingdom of Thailand so that they must cease immediately their repeated military aggression and occupation of the territory under the Cambodian sovereignty on and near the borderline separating both countries but on the side of Cambodia.

Cambodian and Thai blood was shed, the threat of a larger armed confrontation breakout is looming, the show of force of Thai military might and the war rhetoric of the Thai ultra-nationalist quarters cloud the air, despite our restraint and our patience as we have witnessed considerable and unthinkable turmoil, political vendetta, lawlessness, all feeding into the frenzy of an unimaginable internal Thai political crisis.

Lack of effective leadership and chaos of a divided “constitutional democratic processes” deny Cambodia access to the right Thai counterpart for talks. The prime ministers and the governments come and go like flies under the swat; the military top brass take independent and deliberate actions without direction from the government and give the impression that Thailand is a militarist regime, regardless whether or not the government is run by civilians or by the military. It has been noted without ambiguity that Thai military actions do not need the sanction of the parliament, while the government actions do need it.

We run the risk of war because of Thailand has built itself to be a dangerous militarist regime.

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